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Plaid Wool 130 x 200 cm

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  • ACC1101320002
The Plaid Wool is an extra soft lambswool plaid. All shades are mottled and the resulting... more
Product information "Plaid Wool 130 x 200 cm"

The Plaid Wool is an extra soft lambswool plaid. All shades are mottled and the resulting sophisticated mixed shades combine very well with other fabrics. In addition, the light fringes create a beautiful, neutral contrast. The plaid is made of a particularly soft lambswool and measures 130 x 200 cm (length including the fine twist fringes). The finest lambswool is used in this article. The fineness of this fibre, 19.5 microns, is almost equal to cashmere fibre. That is why the plaid is so soft and fluffy. In terms of quality, this is one of the highest quality lambswool yarns - which you can feel at first touch. The wool fibres used come from Australia and South America and are spun and dyed in Italy. Production takes place exclusively in Germany, using renewable raw materials (virgin wool). The material and design of the plaid are designed for durability and can be used for many years if cared for properly.

Material: 100% virgin wool (superfine Geelong lambswool) Ökotex 100 certified

Care: air from time to time, i.e. hang outside for approx. 1 day or in rooms that are not too dry and allow to "breathe"; shake out coarse dirt and brush lightly. For larger soiling, we recommend hand washing at a maximum of 30° C with a wool detergent or gentle dry cleaning.


Natural air conditioning: Wool products warm and breathe at the same time. The structure of the fibres in the heavily crimped wool creates many small and tiny air pockets. They store an enormous amount of air and create a pleasantly warm feeling of security when you are snuggled up tightly in a blanket or scarf. But the effect also works in reverse: just as body heat can be stored, so can cold! But this temperature barrier is permeable. A constant exchange of air is possible - nobody starts sweating unintentionally. This is also supported by the ability to store moisture in vapour form and to conduct it away from the body. This creates a healthy, dry warming effect. Natural fibres made from animal hair can store significantly more moisture than other materials (synthetics 4%, cotton 15%, bed feathers 12%) at one third of their own weight without feeling wet. In contrast, moisture in drop form, such as rain, is repelled. Natural fibres warm and insulate - a perfect air conditioner.

Crease resistance: Basically, every fibre creases under the influence of pressure, moisture and heat. However, products made of natural fibres have a naturally high crease resistance and recover quickly from the above-mentioned effects. Especially the fibre structure of wool, more precisely its spiral crimp, causes the fibre to always return to its original state. Therefore, wrinkles disappear quickly by vigorous shaking out and smoothing. This process is further supported by moisture, e.g. an overnight air bath: it is best to hang it up in a slightly damp room or outside and possibly brush it well the next day - the wrinkles have disappeared.

Safety: Everyone can feel safe in a woollen blanket from hülsta. Animal fibres such as virgin wool or cashmere are naturally flame retardant. Fireplace embers or tobacco sparks rarely cause any damage. Even if the blankets are exposed to a flame for a longer period of time, they hardly start to burn and do not melt. Thus, the temperature for self-ignition of wool is also significantly higher than that of synthetics.

ATTENTION: delivery to Switzerland is unfortunately not possible! 

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